Reiki for Animals

Reiki for Animals

Much like with people, Reiki healing is the channelling of universal energy through the healer to the animal. It is completely natural,has no side effects and is complementary to other therapies and traditional veterinary treatment*. The animal generally feels the energy coming from the healer right away and will often guide the healer to where they require healing most. The animal will also let the healer know when they have had sufficient healing, relaxing into a deep sleep or getting up and simply walking away. Both animals and children do not need as much as an adult, sometimes even 5-15 minutes will be beneficial.

How do animals benefit?

All animals benefit from healing: it is helpful in a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological conditions, working holistically on the whole animal. Healing promotes calm, peace and deep relaxation and will help the body to recover from trauma, emotional problems, illness or injury. Often times emotional disease can manifest into physical symptoms so assisting an animal through emotional problems can help prevent physical disease from taking hold.

* It is important before seeking the services of an animal healer for an illness, ensure the animal has first been examined by your veterinarian. Holistic animal healing is not a substitute alternative for veterinary treatment, it is complementary to it.

Saying goodbye

Anyone who has been blessed enough to share their life with an animal will have had to face the inevitable parting at the end of his or her life. Knowing the right thing to do, and the right time to do it, is almost impossible: then facing that moment when the animal has to transition from this life is surely the hardest task any animal lover will be asked to do.

Healing can be a great help to the animal during the period leading up to this point, and can help them cope with their own emotions and those of their care giver. Healing is also hugely beneficial as the animal passes over from this life, and helps that transition take place with peace and love. The caregivers too will benefit from healing at this time as Reiki offers peace and understanding in what is a very emotional time in all of their lives.


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